Friday, January 3, 2014

An afternoon in the studio, works in progress. Copying two very influencial Portrait Painters, Sargent and Ingres, Two traditionally trained painters from a young age, Great skill sets, compositional design, brush handling, etc. I drift back and forth between the two. Sargent is much more fun! Ingres has a solid foundation based in drawing. Scale is a big thing, It is much easier to paint in a larger format. It allows you to use much more paint and take advantage of using larger brushes. When painting in these larger formats, you must step back and evaluate your progress. Napolean and Ceasar directed the battle from the Highground, where they could see the "Whole." When you're painting in the "Trenches," You're not sure if you're winning the battle, Step back & Find-out!

Classical portrait painting, realism, drawing.